New Teltonika 4G and 5G Routers

Teltonika have launched two new 4G routers which provide a low cost 4G Internet connection for remote management and monitoring.

The first new product is the RUT200 which is a compact 4G router with a price tag under £100 with extra discounts for trade customers and for projects.  This new Industrial 4G router will replace the RUT241 and RUT240 routers and provides the user with a single SIM slot, WiFi and 2 x Ethernet Ports and works with Teltonika RMS for remote monitoring and management of your Teltonika routers.

The next product launched by Teltonika with a lower price tag is the RUT901 which replaces the RUT951 and RUT950 and is an Industrial Grade Dual SIM 4G Router with 4 x Ethernet Ports and WiFi.  The dual SIM feature refers to the fact that the user can insert a backup SIM card and if the router cannot connect to the primary network (SIM 1), maybe because the network is down, it can switch to the backup SIM card from a different network, and assuming that second network is not having any issues at the same time then the router will have reconnected with a different network SIM.

Teltonika have also announced the launch of their new lower cost 5G Router in Q4 2023 which is the Teltonika RUTM50 – It is not yet known whether this will be a more compact version of their RUTX50 5G Router or just a similar router with different components and lower cost 5G modem inside.

Teltonika RUT200Teltonika RUT901


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