5G eSIM Router

Buy a 5G eSIM Router and use with an eSIM Fixed IP Service to provide a reliable, easy to manage, long term installation for an M2M 5G router solution for remote access and monitoring.

When it comes time to change your Fixed IP SIM Card provider there will be no more requirement to drive to site to swap over the Fixed IP SIM Card, you can simply ask your Fixed IP eSIM provider to connect to your 5G eSIM router and provide the new service.

This means that a 5G eSIM Router is easy to manage in the long term in relation to your choice of Fixed IP SIM service provider and you will no longer have to worry about the cost of switching to a new 5G network provider because of the high overheads associated with site visits to swap SIM cards in your M2M 5G Router.

An eSIM 5G Router is the ideal solution for large scale deployments to ensure that ongoing costs can be easily managed for the lifetime of the eSIM router installation.

If you are not yet ready for using esim technology and just need a standard 5G router with an optional 5G antenna to provide high speed 5G connectivity then there are many products available that will use standard SIM cards and standard M2M data sim’s.