Phoenix 4G/3G/2G Cellular and GPS/GNSS Adhesive Mount Antenna

Mounting Adhesive Mount
Dimensions (mm) 89 × 76 × 30
Operating temperature -40 °C to 85 °C
Certificates IP67,IP69
Standard colors

4GLTE/FirstNet/LPWA/NB-IoT/Cat-X-Mx-NBx/3G/2G GPS/GLO/QZSS/Galileo/L1

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As part of our “Phoenix” series, we are pleased to offer the High Performance Cellular/LTE GNSS Adhesive Mount Antenna (2J6941PGF).  Designed for cellular LTE and GNSS navigation, this antenna is the perfect solution for the rapidly growing needs of reliable communication and precise navigation in automated consumer and commercial markets. 
Cable 1 is dedicated for 4G LTE/3G/2G cellular voice and data communication with reliability, high data throughput, quality, and speed. It’s omni-directional radiation pattern gives this dual antenna 360-degree signal strength. Backwards compatible with existing LTE cellular networks make this antenna a cost-effective solution for existing and future LPWA and IoT applications. 
Precision and reliability are a priority when it comes to navigation. Cable 2 is designed with superior quality for GNSS navigation applications that operate within the GPS, QZSS, Galileo and Glonass standards. This active GNSS antenna can be used for both receiving and transmitting applications operating within 1575 and 1602 MHz frequencies. Designed with hemispherical radiation pattern, RHCP and pre-filter, this antenna offers an active gain of 28 dB with uninterrupted connectivity.

Standards 2G,3G and 4G
Frequency 698-960, 1710-2170, 2500-2700
VSWR ~1.9:1, ~1.9:1, ~1.3:1
Efficiency (%) ~55.9, ~50.6, ~60.3
Peak Gain (dBi) ~4.2, ~5.6, ~5.8
Impedance (Ohm) 50
Polarisation Linear
Max. Input Power (W) 25
Standards GPS/QZSS/Galileo/GLONASS
Frequency 1575.42, 1598-1610
VSWR <=1.4:1 Impedance (Ohm) 50 Polarisation RHCP Active Gain (dB) 28 @ 2.7 V Saw Filter Type Pre-Filter Voltage (V) 1.5 - 3.6 Noise Figure (dB) 1.5 Typ Current Consumption (mA) 9 Typ Power Consumption (mW) 24.3 Typ ESD Protection (kV) 2


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