Fixed IP eSIM

What is a Fixed IP eSIM?

If you are using a true eSIM Router then you will not require a physical SIM card to be inserted into the router and your eSIM provider can just activate the service on your router which is the ideal solution to prevent costly site visits to swap SIM cards when you change mobile network provider.  Your new eSIM network provider can take over the eSIM router and provide the new service without a visit to site to swap a physical SIM card.

If you need remote access to your eSIM router then you will need a Fixed IP address, hence the requirements for a Fixed IP eSIM service.  This will be more expensive than a normal Fixed IP SIM Card because it is providing the ability to have a Fixed IP address for your eSIM router so you can remotely connect to it and connect to the attached devices such as CCTV NVR or other monitoring equipment normally associated with an M2M router solution.

There are some Fixed IP eSIM providers that will still provide a physical SIM card and call it an eSIM solution but if you have invested on a true M2M eSIM router solution for 4G or 5G connectivity then by using a Fixed IP eSIM Card and physically installing the SIM in the router then when it comes time to change you may need to switch to a different eSIM provider and still need to visit site to switch SIM cards as these types of service are still tied to the initial service provider.  Some eSIM routers such as the Neowave G5500E eSIM Router can use both SIM cards and an eSIM connection so you could start with a normal Fixed IP SIM Card or even a Fixed IP eSIM Card and switch to a pure eSIM solution in the future that does not require a phsical SIM card to be inserted when you want to make the change.