Teltonika Routers ESIM Compatibility

Teltonika are a manufacturer of industrial grade 4G routers and have also announced the launch of a new Industrial 5G Router.

At present there are not any dedicated Teltonika ESIM Routers but many of the Teltonika industrial grade 4G routers can support a hybrid type Fixed IP ESIM card.  We list below the Teltonika routers that can support these fixed IP SIM Cards that can work in a similar way to an ESIM router by enabling the SIM card to be switched to a different network by the Fixed IP SIM Card provider.

RUT240 4G Router

RUT950 4G Router

RUT955 4G Router

RUT360 CAT6 4G Router

RUTX14 CAT 12 4G Router

RUTX15 5G Router