ESIM Router

eSIM Router

An eSIM Router can provide a mobile broadband Internet connection using the mobile phone networks but does not require a physical SIM card to be inserted into the router.  This is really useful if you are buying an eSIM 4G Router or eSIM 5G Router for remote access and monitoring such as a CCTV or security monitoring solution because when you need to change your Fixed IP SIM service provider you do not need to visit site to swap out a physical SIM Card.  Your eSIM Fixed IP SIM provider can use the eSIM capabilities to switch to their new service.  This will provide enhanced competition and more choice in the Fixed IP SIM Card marketplace which will hopefully lead to better cost management and ease of use for 4G router and 5G router users for M2M applications. There will be a new breed of eSIM router for both 4G and 5G networks and whilst the initial cost of a 4G eSIM router will be more than a standard M2M 4G router, the long term cost benefits achieved by the ease in which you can switch SIM card providers will easily compensate for the higher initial cost.

SIM Flexibility

The flexibility offered by a 4G or 5G eSIM Router will be significant, although initially many eSIM providers will issue you with a physical SIM card to use in your 4G router, but this is not a real eSIM solution because you will need to physically change the SIM card in order to switch provider as eSIM card providers attempt to lock in their customers.  We recommend that you use a dedicated eSIM router and use a tried and tested eSIM network provider who can provide their connection based upon the individual IMEI of your eSIM router as this will give the best opportunity for long term cost savings without expensive site visits to switch SIM cards which is a big obstacle especially when a larger base of installed routers in involved, especially when you fall out with your Fixed IP SIM Card provider.